Driving Tips for a greener planet
There are a few easy things you can do when you drive and look after your car to help reduce the amount of fuel you burn and so cut down on CO2 emissions. These small changes to your driving style can save fuel and cut emissions.

1. Change gears at lower revs
The engine runs most efficiently between around 1,500 and 2,500 rpm . To maintain these low revs you should change up through the gears as soon as practical and before the revs reach 2,500 rpm. Automatic transmissions will shift up more quickly and smoothly if you ease back slightly on the accelerator once the car gathers momentum.

2. Drive smoothly - avoid unnecessary acceleration
'Flow with the traffic' Drive at a good distance from the car in front so you can anticipate. This avoids unnecessary acceleration and frequent repetitive braking that ends up wasting fuel. It's also far safer.

3. Avoid leaving your engine running
Minimise fuel wasted in idling by stopping the engine whenever your car is stopped or held up for an extended period of time. By having the engine switched off, even for a short period, you will save more fuel than is lost from the burst of fuel involved in restarting the engine.

4. Speed equals money
Higher speeds result in higher fuel consumption and higher fuel costs. Avoid excessive speed, especially on motorways

5. Look after your vehicle's tyres
Reduced costs and environmentally harmful emissions from lower fuel consumption when tyres are inflated correctly.

Inflate your vehicle's tyres to the highest pressure recommended by the manufacturer and make sure your wheels are properly aligned. Looking after your tyres will not only reduce your fuel consumption it will also increase the life of your tyre.

6. Don't use air conditioning unless you really need it
Air conditioners can use about 10 per cent extra fuel when operating. However, at speeds of over 80 km/h, use of air conditioning is better for fuel consumption than an open window.

7. Have your vehicle serviced regularly
Keeping your vehicle well tuned will minimise its environmental impact.

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